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Types of air conditioning Newcastle

Having air conditioning in Newcastle is essential. With warm springtimes and scorching summers, havinair conditioning newcastleg an air conditioner is a creature comfort that makes life that bit more comfortable. But choosing the right air conditioning for your home can be a challenge. Let’s look at the basic types and their benefits:


The split system air conditioner is one of the more common types you might see in the average Australian house. As per the name, the unit is split into two parts: the indoor unit is connected to the outdoor compressor unit with pipes.


This system works in a similar way to a split-system, but the single outdoor unit connects to two or more indoor units in adjoining or nearby rooms. A multi-split system can be a good way to cool several rooms without taking the next step to ducted air.

Wall or window

These units are installed to sit in an external wall or window, and plug into a powerpoint, or are wired in. These units are less commonly seen these days, because split-system air conditioning has become more efficient and less expensive. You might see these units in the windows of older apartment buildings.


More and more people are going with ducted air, especially when building or renovating a home. A central unit is connected to air outlets throughout the house. Individual rooms or zones can be set to different temperatures and timers.

Whatever option you think is best for your situation, talking to one of the team at Cold Stream Services can help you decide. They can give you a comprehensive quote and help you find the air conditioner to suit your home.

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