Split system air conditioner

Split System Air Conditioner Central Coast Advantages

When looking to install an air conditioner, some homeowners get overwhelmed with the options to choose from. Different systems provide different benefits; it really comes down to your individual requirements. A split system air conditioner on the Central Coast is quite common, and there are plenty of reasons to see why.

5 Benefits of a Split System Air Conditioner on the Central Coast

No Ductwork Required

One of the biggest benefits to a split system air con is that there is no ductwork required, so it is a relatively easy and often quick install. If you’ve never had an air conditioner installed before, the installer will use a series of cables and tubing to install the system. If you are replacing your current spit or reverse cycle system, and putting the new one in the same spot, installing is even easier.

Decreases Household Energy Costs

The savings in energy costs come when compared to some other cooling systems. A split system air conditioner will cost around $0.25 – $0.35 per hour to run. Other systems can cost up to $3.50 per hour to run. Costs do depend on the size of the room you are cooling, and of course costs multiply if you have more than one system, but it is a relatively cost effective form of cooling.

Easy Climate Control

Most people install air conditioning for the cooling factor, however, some split system air conditioners can also heat in winter. This means you have all-year climate control in the rooms you use the most. Another advantage is that by having individual systems in each room, every person in the house can have their room at a temperature comfortable for them.

Relatively Quiet to Run

If you’ve had an old window style air conditioner you’ll know how noisy they were to run. In comparison, a split system is relatively quiet. Because the fan and condenser unit are located outside the house, you don’t tend to hear them running very often.


Split system air conditioners in Central Coast homes offer a lot of flexibility. You can add new systems as you need to, rooms can be individually heated and cooled without relying on other systems to be turned on, and you can replace an older smaller system with a more appropriate size easily and relatively quickly.

If you’re looking to have a split system air conditioner installed in your Central Coast home, speak to the friendly and professional team at Coldstream Services. We are the leading air conditioning installer on the Central Coast, and our team will have your new split system air conditioner installed quickly and efficiently.

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