Servicing Your Hotel Refrigeration on the Central Coast

Running a hotel restaurant, bar or cafe on the Central Coast and trying to find someone to look after your refrigeration servicing? Having your fridge serviced regularly is important when running a restaurant or bar, and having a reliable provider to service them for you is just as important.

Why Commercial Fridge Maintenance and Servicing is Important

When your business relies on your equipment working correctly, regular servicing and maintenance is essential. It can reduce the risk of the equipment breaking down, as well as ensuring there is no health and safety risk to either your staff or your customers.

So what type of maintenance and servicing should you be regularly doing? The following are the areas you should regularly be looking at:

  • Inspecting and cleaning the condenser of dust and debris, being careful not to damage the fins in the condenser. This is a dusty job, so best done once closed or before opening.
  • Inspect and clean the seals on the doors. Fridge seals are an important part of keeping the fridge cool, but they can wear out after a while. Cleaning is relatively easy and should be done weekly. If the seals are broken or not sealing correctly, they need to be replaced.
  • Empty and clean the drip pan to ensure any excess condensation isn’t sitting in your fridge.

Choosing a Reliable Central Coast Refrigeration Service Provider

While your staff should be doing the day to day cleaning and maintenance of your commercial refrigeration on the Central Coast, having a reliable fridge service provider is essential for those larger jobs. While you need to keep your eye on your budget, working with an experienced and professional team will make the maintenance and servicing process much easier.

Coldstream Services is the leading refrigeration contractor on the Central Coast with the experience and knowledge of servicing commercial fridges in the hospitality industry. We look after commercial fridges and freezers, walk-in cool rooms and freezers, ice machines and dairy and display refrigeration units.

If you’re looking for a refrigeration contractor on the Central Coast, contact Coldstream Services on 0432 803 469 or online.

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