Newcastle commercial refrigeration

Common Newcastle Refrigeration Repairs

When it comes to commercial refrigeration repairs there are a couple that we see quite regularly. Whether you have a fridge in a hotel or restaurant, or you run the local takeaway fish and chip place, it is a good idea to be aware of these common repairs. Coldstream Services offers Newcastle commercial refrigeration repairs to a range of businesses.

Broken Ice Machines

We know that ice machines get used….a lot. Especially during the summer months. For many places, it is an essential piece of equipment. Maintenance is extremely important when it comes to ice machines – dirty machines will produce dirty ice. Certainly something you don’t want to be serving up to customers. If you notice that your ice machine isn’t working as it should, or the ice is dirty, it’s time to have your ice machine repaired and serviced.

Broken Walk-in Fridges

When you’ve got a restaurant or cafe fridge, the last thing you need broken is your walk-in fridge. These fridges often protect thousands of dollars in produce and stock, and is not something you want to wait to have repaired. If you notice that your walk in fridge is on the blink, or has broken down, time is of the essence when organising a repair.

Broken Freezers

Similarly to a broken walk-in fridge, a commercial freezer often protects thousands of dollars in frozen ingredients. A freezer that isn’t working correctly can not only add to your running costs, but also adds the potential of making your customers unwell. Whether it is your thermostat that has gone, or your condensers haven’t been cleaned and are clogged, you need a repairer out quickly.

While these issues are relatively common, most of them could be avoided with regular maintenance and servicing. If you’re looking for a fridge repairer Coldstream Services offers a range of Newcastle commercial refrigeration repairs and services. Speak to our friendly team today, and let us get you back up and running.

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