Split System Air Conditioning

Keep Your Home Comfortable with Split System Air-Conditioning

Split system air-conditioning is common in many homes in the Newcastle to Sydney region, with homeowners looking to obtain the perfect indoor temperature throughout summer and winter. Air conditioning becomes important during those long, hot and dry summer months and is an affordable way to keep your house cool and give you somewhere to escape. Come winter, a split system air conditioner can help warm your home to a comfortable temperature, helping you forget about the cold outside.

Coldstream Services offers a complete range of domestic and commercial air conditioning systems to suit your needs and the size of your home or business. We also offer a range of servicing, maintenance and repairs on a wide range of split system brands. We can install new air conditioners or replace old ones with the minimum of fuss.

Air conditioners work best when they are regularly serviced and cleaned. There are plenty of benefits to split system air conditioners on the Central Coast and in Newcastle, Sydney and surrounding areas including:

Reducing Household Electricity Bill

Split system air conditioners only cool the room or the area in which it is installed which means electricity isn’t being used when it isn’t needed. These systems, when maintained regularly, can help keep your electricity bill down.

Easily Installed

The installation of these air conditioners means that they can be installed quickly and with very little fuss. These systems can also be installed at different places throughout the home without requiring a lot of work in the home.


With split system air conditioning, you can install it as you need it or as your budget allows. Because each room receives their own system, there is no need to install in places you won’t use it, and if the use of a room changes, it is generally easy to install a new system.

The air conditioning experts from Coldstream Services look after homes and businesses from Newcastle to Sydney including the Central Coast. We provide the best value for money split systems without disturbing our customers.

If you’re looking for air conditioning advice for your home or commercial setting, contact Coldstream Services.