Services & Maintenance

Regular Servicing and Maintenance Keeps Your Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems Running Smoothly

You cannot underestimate the importance of regular services and maintenance when it comes to your domestic, commercial or industrial air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Not only can Coldstream Services help you with designing, selecting and installing the best possible systems for your business, we offer regular servicing, maintenance and repairs.

If you rely on your refrigeration and air conditioning systems to provide income, comfort and a welcoming environment for your business, you need to schedule in regular servicing and maintenance with a professional team.

Working from Newcastle to Sydney, including the Central Coast, Coldstream Services can help you with your refrigeration and air conditioning needs.

Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Servicing and Maintenance

At Coldstream Services our expert team carries out efficient and budget-friendly servicing and maintenance on all domestic, commercial and industrial properties from Newcastle to Sydney including the Central Coast. We understand the need to keep your family comfortable throughout the hot summer months or that you need a new custom-designed refrigeration unit at your factory to suit your growing business. Whether you are looking at servicing and maintenance for ducted air conditioning or split system air conditioning through to a range of refrigeration issues, our professional team is here to help.

Our Range of Air Conditioning Services:

  • Air-conditioning installation
  • Air-conditioning re-gassing
  • Air-conditioning repairs
  • Air-conditioning services and maintenance

Our Range of Refrigeration Repairs Services:

  • Refrigeration re-gassing
  • Refrigeration repairs
  • Refrigeration services and maintenance
  • Industrial fridge repairs
  • Industrial freezer repairs
  •  Industrial fridge servicing and maintenance
  •  Industrial freezer servicing and maintenance
  •  Cold room and freezer room servicing and maintenance
  •  Ventilation Systems
  •  Chillers
  • Commercial fridge repairs
  •  Commercial freezer repairs
  •  Commercial fridge servicing and maintenance
  •  Commercial freezer servicing and maintenance
  •  Ice machine maintenance, servicing and repairs
  •  Dairy and retail display cabinet maintenance, servicing and repairs.

Coldstream Services provides quality service, maintenance and repairs for split system and ducted air conditioning as well as domestic, commercial and industrial refrigeration systems between Newcastle and Sydney. If you’re looking for a professional air conditioning and refrigeration maintenance and servicing team, call the friendly team at Coldstream Services.