Refrigeration Units Installation

Photo of a fridge technician working

Refrigeration Units Installation

Having a good refrigeration unit is imperative when you are running a café, restaurant, hotel or other food and drink service business. If you’re in the process of getting your business off the ground, or in the middle of replacing your current refrigeration units, Coldstream Services can assist.

Coldstream services can help your business with refrigeration unit installation in Newcastle and through to Sydney including on the Central Coast.

What Refrigeration Units We Install

We install a range of refrigeration units including cake and drink fridges through to cold rooms and walk in fridge and freezers. Whether you need a new or replacement cake refrigeration unit in your café or restaurant, or looking to install a new refrigeration unit for your food items at your hotel, Coldstream Services can not only install it, but we can also schedule in regular maintenance and servicing and do any repairs.

How Long Does Refrigeration Unit Installation Take?

Refrigeration unit installation on the Central Coast and surrounds generally doesn’t tend to take up too much of your day as long as everything is prepared and ready to go. We do suggest that refrigeration installations are done either early in the morning or late in the afternoon so that we don’t interfere with you servicing your customers.

When you book in your refrigeration unit installation, we’ll have a discussion about how long the install is estimated to take, and we’ll work with you to undertake the installation at a time that doesn’t interrupt your business too much.

Our Range of Refrigeration Installation Services

Coldstream Services undertake a range of refrigeration services between Newcastle and Sydney including:

  • Refrigeration installation
  • Refrigeration re-gassing
  • Refrigeration repairs
  • Refrigeration services and maintenance
  • Industrial fridge repairs
  • Industrial freezer repairs
  • Industrial fridge servicing and maintenance
  • Industrial freezer servicing and maintenance
  • Cold room and freezer room servicing and maintenance

  • Ventilation Systems
  • Chillers
  • Commercial fridge repairs
  • Commercial freezer repairs
  • Commercial fridge servicing and maintenance
  • Commercial freezer servicing and maintenance
  • Ice machine maintenance, servicing and repairs
  • Dairy and retail displace cabinet maintenance, servicing and repairs

If you’re in need of refrigeration unit installation from Newcastle to Sydney, including the Central Coast, call the team at Coldstream Services. We’ll get your fridge installed and get you back up and running in no time.