Domestic Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Services

Everyone deserves a healthy and comfortable home

Sick of suffering through those hot summer days or those cool winter nights? Has your fridge given up the ghost right before a Christmas get together? Coldstream Services offers domestic air-conditioning and refrigeration services to help you make your home as comfortable as possible.

A comfortable home environment is important for the health, as well as the day to day happiness of your family. To reach a good level of comfort, not only do you need a suitable climate control system fitted in your home, but it needs to be regularly serviced and maintained. When done regularly the benefits to you include:

  • Healthier home
  •  More comfortable
  •  Air temperature is at the right level
  • Air conditioner is clean and running correctly
  • Better on your budget – an unmaintained air conditioner can make your electricity bill higher

Making sure your fridge is working correctly is important for the health of your family – a fridge that isn’t sitting at the right temperature could make someone quite ill.  The team at Coldstream Services can ensure your fridge is at the right temperature, that your seals are correctly in place and repair any issues that may arise. Our refrigeration repairs and maintenance include:

  •  Cleaning or replacing coils
  • Checking and changing gaskets
  • Investigating why your fridge isn’t staying cool
  • Changing filters in fridges with ice makers and water dispensers
  • Repairing ice makers and water dispensers
  • Replacing seals
  • Replacing interior lights

Our Range of Domestic Air Conditioning Services:

  • Air-conditioning installations
  • Air-conditioning re-gassing
  •   Air-conditioning repairs
  • Air-conditioning servicing and maintenance

Our Range of Domestic Refrigeration Repairs:

  • Refrigeration re-gassing
  • Refrigeration repairs
  • Refrigeration services and maintenance

Whether you’re looking to install, service or replace an existing air conditioning system or looking to have your fridge repaired or serviced, the experienced team at Coldstream Services can help. We provide refrigeration and air conditioner services and maintenance from Newcastle and the Central Coast all the way through to Sydney.

For a comfortable home environment that suits everyone, speak to the friendly team at Coldstream Services today.