Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Services for Business

Create a Welcoming Environment for Your Business

When a customer or client walks into your business, they want to feel welcomed and comfortable. The best welcoming? Walking into a building where the temperature is appropriate to what’s happening outside – comfortable and cool during a hot summer or warm and comforting during a cool winter.

Correctly maintained refrigeration systems are essential in ensuring the health and safety of your staff as well as your customers – you certainly don’t want to be serving anyone food that has been sitting in a warm fridge! Whether the seal on your drink fridge is coming off, or your walk-in freezer room isn’t keeping food frozen, we can help.

Coldstream Services provides all the installation, maintenance, and servicing of air-conditioning and refrigeration that you need to ensure your business premises are comfortable and welcoming. Our experienced and professional team works in a wide range of commercial environments in Newcastle, on the Central Coast and in Sydney providing expert advice and top quality service.

Our Range of Commercial Air Conditioning Services:

  • Air-conditioning installation
  • Air-conditioning re-gassing
  • Air-conditioning repairs
  • Air-conditioning services and maintenance

Our Range of Commercial Refrigeration Repairs:

  • Commercial fridge repairs
  • Commercial freezer repairs
  • Commercial fridge servicing and maintenance
  • Commercial freezer servicing and maintenance
  • Cold room and freezer room servicing and maintenance
  • Ice machine maintenance, servicing and repairs
  • Dairy and retail display cabinet maintenance, servicing and repairs.

At Coldstream Services, we offer our clients a 12-month guarantee on all the work we carry out. We believe in a job done well, ensuring you get a quality service that you can count on. Whether you’re running a small office or a large restaurant, if you need a reliable air-conditioning or refrigerator service team, the team at Coldstream Services can help.

For a comfortable and welcoming office or work environment, organize a consultation and quote with the experienced and professional team at Coldstream Services, give us a call on 0432 803 469 or enquire online.