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The Importance of Newcastle Refrigeration Services for Restaurants

Running a restaurant or cafe and need a service on your commercial fridge? Having a Newcastle refrigeration services expert on hand could be the difference between staying open or needing to close for a day or two. When your business relies on being able to safely store food and drink, having refrigeration that is working and regularly maintained is extremely important.

Regular Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Fridge

  1. Do a full clean of your fridge on a weekly basis and a general wipe down and wipe out on a daily basis. Use a soft brush with warm water and soap to brush down shelves and around the bottom of the unit, and a soft cloth and soap solution to wipe down the outside. On a daily basis, make sure you clean up any spills or crumbs – this will stop the fridge from smelling
  2. Schedule regular maintenance time. The condenser coil will need a good clean every three months or so, while you should make sure the area around the evaporator cooler is kept clear and clean. The drains and pans will need a monthly clean to stop any build up of sludge and grime. If left to build up, this can cause quite a strong smell to go throughout your kitchen and dining area.
  3. Have the gaskets and air filters checked regularly. To make sure this is done correctly and any issues are picked up, you should have this done as part of your regular maintenance with your Newcastle refrigeration services expert.

A commercial fridge will need to have regular maintenance that your team may not be able to do. If this is the case, organising for Coldstream Services to undertake regular maintenance is a great choice. With a regular maintenance schedule you won’t need to worry about break-downs or potential issues with food not staying safe. Coldstream Services are the Newcastle refrigeration services business of choice for many restaurants and cafes in Newcastle and the surrounding areas. Contact the team today to organise your next maintenance service.

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