Newcastle Refrigeration Maintenance

Newcastle Refrigeration Maintenance Tips

Do you do regular maintenance of your fridge at home? What about in the workplace? A fridge that isn’t working correctly can both cost you money and make you ill. Here are our top Newcastle refrigeration maintenance tips to keep your fridge healthy.

Our Top Newcastle Refrigeration Maintenance Tips

Check the Door Seals

One of the biggest domestic repairs we see is door seals needing to be replaced. It is wise to check these regularly, as broken coils will let cool air out and hot air in, putting the health of you, your family and your friends at risk.

Clean the Coils

You don’t see your condenser coils on a regular basis so it’s easy to see why they are forgotten about. Two to three times a year, pull your fridge away from the wall, unplug and give the coils a dust or a vacuum. Covered in dust, your fridge won’t run effectively.

Set the Temp

The ideal temperature for your refrigerator is between 0-4 degrees Celsius. This temperature allows you to keep perishable foods safe, without freezing your lettuce in the crisper.

Fill It Up

It may sound odd, but your fridge needs items in it to stay cool. Essentially the food and drink stored in the fridge help to soak up the warmer air that gets in when you open the door. Going away or eating out a lot? Pop a couple of bottles or jugs of water in the fridge to help it run better.

Preparation is Key

While not so much a maintenance tip, it will help keep your food cool and safe. If the power goes off, you have around two hours that your perishable food (meat, milk, and ready to eat foods) will remain safe if you don’t open the fridge. After this time, you either need to move your perishable items to a cooler with ice bricks, or move it to the fridge of someone who has power. Alternatively, if you have a BBQ, it might be time for a spontaneous BBQ. After four hours of no power, perishable items do need to be thrown away for safety. Your freezer, if in good condition and left closed, can keep food frozen and safe for up to two days.

If your fridge at home or in the workplace isn’t working correctly, call us at Coldstream Services. We can help with all your Newcastle refrigeration maintenance and servicing, ensuring the food you feed your family and friends is safe.

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