Newcastle ducted air conditioning

Newcastle Ducted Air Conditioning Tips

Recently had a ducted air conditioner installed and looking for some tips on how to save money? The team at Coldstream Services put together their best Newcastle ducted air conditioning tips.

Keep Your Air Conditioner Set at 24 Degrees

It has been shown that 24 degrees is the optimum temperature for your ducted air conditioner in summer, and in winter, the best temperature is 20 degrees. At these temperatures, your air conditioner won’t be overworking and therefore, won’t be costing you more money.

Early Morning Starts

It may not seem it, but the early morning is the best time to get your air conditioner started up. If you wait until midday or mid-afternoon, your house is already hot so the system needs to work harder to cool the rooms down. By starting in the morning, the house should be cool enough that your air conditioner is able to quickly and effectively cool down the rooms.

Close Doors & Windows

Not using the bedrooms until night? Close up the doors to stop the cool air escaping into rooms you aren’t using. This also goes for your front and back doors and any windows. By doing so, you are stopping the cool air escaping and reducing the temperature of the room quicker. Installing blinds and curtains can also help to keep a room cool.

Avoid the Oven

In summer break out the BBQ and dine under the stars! Its common sense that running an oven for an hour or more at night to cook dinner will heat up your house, and it does so rather quickly. Your air conditioner will rub more effectively if you keep the oven turned off.

Service Annually

One of the best ways to maintain your air conditioner at its optimal working level is to have it serviced and maintained regularly. It is recommended that an experienced technician look after your servicing to ensure everything is checked correctly. Coldstream Services offer Newcastle ducted air conditioning maintenance and servicing.

Having air conditioning doesn’t mean your power bills needs to raise significantly. Talk to the team at Coldstream Services to find out how you can save money while running your air conditioner.

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