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Installing Ducted Air Conditioning in Newcastle

Older homes aren’t always designed for the conveniences of modern life like air conditioning. Installing ducted air conditioning in Newcastle homes, particularly in older homes, may come with its quirks, but for many homeowners, there’s often no reason why you can’t install ducted air conditioning.

Cold Stream Services installs ducted air conditioning in Newcastle all year round, and we’ve put together some handy little points to consider if you’re thinking of ducted air.

What to Consider when Installing Ducted Air Conditioning in Newcastle

Gaining Approval from Council and Strata

If you live in a heritage listed home in the Newcastle region, you may need to consider approval from your local council as to what type of ducted air conditioning system you can install. Often you will need to ensure that the outside units cannot be visible from the street, a park or a walkway. This may lead to reconsidering the design of your ducted air conditioning.

While you won’t be able to install ducted air conditioning if you live in an apartment block, for those who live in a townhouse or villa style of complex, ducted may be an option available to you. You will, of course, need to fill in the appropriate strata application forms and receive approval from the body corporate committee prior to installing. With strata applications, you will often need to note down the type of system and where it will be installed; this means you should gain your quotes prior to the application. Your air conditioning installer will be able to draw up plans for you and help you decide on the best system for your needs.

Getting the Right Design and System

Unlike reverse cycle air conditioning, ducted air conditioning needs to be designed to meet not only your requirements but to also ensure that your home can handle a ducted air conditioner. Your home needs to have the space to run the cabling and pipework, as well as space for the outdoor unit. The grilles also need to be able to be installed. If you have a heritage property, you may need to consider the aesthetic changes that having ducted air conditioning can bring to your home. If done well, the system should not detract from the look of your home.

Checking Efficiency

If you are installing ducted air conditioning in Newcastle in an older home, you may need to consider doing those little repairs where the warm or cool air can escape. Things like loose windows and poor insulation can easily be fixed, as can blocking gaps under doors.

There are plenty of benefits to installing ducted air conditioning in your Newcastle home, including keeping your family comfortable. For advice from an experienced and professional team, contact Cold Stream Services for your inspection and quote.


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