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Fun Facts about Air Conditioning on the Central Coast

Air Conditioning

Room Thermostat. It allows you to escape the heat and have your home at a comfortable temperature that doesn’t leave you sweating in front of a fan.

Here are some fun facts about air conditioning:

  1. The first air conditioner was designed by Willis Carrier in 1902 to control the humidity in a New York publishing house so the ink would dry without smudges.
  2. Movie theatres were one of the first businesses to start using air conditioning. Even today, many people head to the movies to escape the heat.
  1. Air conditioning has actually saved lives. Statistics show less people have died on hot summer days in the past fifty years, which correlates with the introduction of air conditioning in homes.
  1. Just the basic air conditioning unit back in the 1940s set you back the equivalent of $3,500. Thank goodness it is much more affordable these days!
  1. Air conditioning has contributed to advances in science, providing a controlled environment for experiments to be carried out. Certain illnesses may never have been cured without it.

If you enjoy staying cool and being able to escape the heat without having to rush out to the movies or down for a dip at the beach, get in touch with Cold Stream Services today.

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