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How was food kept before refrigeration in Newcastle

refrigeration newcastleBefore refrigeration Newcastle

The household fridge is really the center of any home. Refrigeration in Newcastle and in other warm areas of Australia is such a part of modern life that we take it for granted. But what did people do before they could just put their food in the fridge to keep it cool? Here are just some of the solutions.

Ice Boxes

The precursor to the modern refrigerator was the ice box. Ice boxes could come in many forms, some as simple as a metal box. You would place a block of ice in the box, along with perishable foods. Ironically, the hotter the climate, the more expensive it was to buy ice, and the quicker it melted.


Another way that people would make food last was to preserve it. Especially in rural areas where fresh food was harder to come by. Fruits and vegetables could be turned into jams or preserves, or simply be preserved using brine or vinegar. Meat and fish was commonly preserved using salt.

Buying less

Most of us can’t do without a big weekly grocery shop, to stock up on all our essentials. But people lived different before refrigeration. People would stop at the local butcher, bakery and green grocer, buying just the right amount of food for that night’s dinner. That way, there was no need to keep things cool overnight.

Luckily for us, we don’t have to worry about all this hassle anymore. Refrigeration experts like Cold Stream Services can ensure you’ll never have to worry about keeping your food cold.

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