Central Coast refrigeration repairs

Finding a Central Coast Refrigeration Expert

When your fridges break down without warning, it can be a stressful rush trying to find a Central Coast refrigeration expert. How do you know if you are getting the right repairer? Will they come out quickly or will you be left with melting ice cream?

Below, we outline what you need to look for when finding a refrigeration expert on the Central Coast to repair your domestic, commercial or industrial fridge.

Tips on Finding the Best Central Coast Refrigeration Expert

  1. Ask for referrals from family or other business owners. If your fridge breaking down isn’t too much of an issue, and you have some time up your sleeve, ask friends, family or business associates for their recommendations on fridge repairers. You may end up finding a business that is perfect for your needs.
  2. Do an internet search for top rated businesses. There are a range of review sites where you can find highly rated fridge repairers. Or you could simply do a Google search for fridge repairers in your area and compare their Google reviews.
  3. Licensed and experienced. Choose a fridge repairer that is licensed and experienced in fixing your style of fridge. Central Coast fridge repairers, Coldstream Services, are licensed with the Australian Refrigeration Council  with a number of years servicing domestic, commercial and industrial fridges between Newcastle and Sydney including the Central Coast.
  4. Industry experience. While checking the industry experience of a business is essential, make sure you are checking the experience of those working in the business. A business may be new but run by a repairer who has had many years in the industry.

Once you have organised for your fridge to be repaired, your Central Coast refrigeration expert will be able to give you maintenance tips and, for commercial and industrial fridges, organise regular servicing, ensuring your fridge is less likely to break down at critical times.

If you need a fridge repairer on the Central Coast, speak to the friendly and professional team at Coldstream Services.

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