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Ducted Air Conditioning in Brisbane

Air-conditioning Ducts in a modern building Melbourne Australia

Ducted air conditioning is where there is a heat pump and the refrigeration process can be reversed. This means you can both heat and cool an indoor environment. It also involves a series of ducts that run through the roof into each room of the home, so you can choose which rooms to heat and cool at any given time. There are many advantages to having ducted air conditioning in Brisbane.


Ducted air conditioning is perfect for a home environment. Whether you live in an apartment or a house, there are plenty of advantages to being able to control the airflow. If your rooms upstairs tend to get stuffy, before you put your little one down for a nap you are able to cool down just that room, not all the other rooms you won’t be using upstairs, to make it a comfortable environment for them to sleep in.


Office environments can experience very different temperatures. For example, some offices are situated next to large open window spaces that allow a lot of sunlight during the day, keeping the room nice and warm. Other offices are further back in the building and therefore often can be colder. Ducted air conditioning allows you to cool the front rooms while warming the back rooms at the same time, so everyone in the office is comfortable.


Call the professionals at Cold Stream Services today to get your ducted air conditioning installed. Make sure every room of your home and/or office building is always at the perfect temperature.

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