Maitland air con repairs

Common Air Conditioner Repairs in Maitland

When it comes to air conditioner repairs in Maitland, there are a few repairs we see more than others. These common repairs happen to all households, and usually tend to be based around the age of the machine, or it not being cleaned regularly and therefore has a build up of dust and grime that is stopping it from working. Let’s take a look at some of the most common air conditioner repairs we see in Maitland, and how you can mitigate any issues.

3 Common Maitland Air Conditioner Repairs

Blocked Filters and Coils

This is a really common issue and one we see at lease a couple of times a month if not more. If you haven’t cleaned your air conditioner for a while there is a good chance that your filters and coils are quite dirty, and this can cause the compressor and the fans to fail well before they should. If your filters are washable, you should be cleaning them annually at a very minimum, however most people clean them every 3 to 6 months at the change of the season. Cleaning them before the main seasons – summer and winter – will ensure your air conditioner is running efficiently when you will use them the most.

Compressor Failure

As your air conditioner ages, the compressor and fan controls wear out – particularly if you are a heavy user and are constantly switching your air conditioner on and off. Your air conditioner won’t work without the compressor working, so an air con technician will either replace your compressor, or if your air conditioner is quite old, you may consider replacing the whole air conditioner system.

Loud Noises

It can be quite off putting if your air conditioner suddenly starts making a loud banging or wailing noise, however most of the time it is simply the fan belt has dislodged. It isn’t a hard fix, but it is something that needs an air con repairer, like Coldstream Services, to come out and fix. We do recommend that if your air conditioner is making these noises to not turn it on before it is fixed – you may make the problem much worse.

If you are having issues with your air conditioner, it is certainly worth getting checked out, and more often than not, you’ll save money by having the issue rectified early. If you need air conditioner repairs in Maitland, choose the experienced team at Coldstream Services.

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