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Central Coast Ducted Air Conditioning Solutions

With summer just around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about installed ducted air conditioning on the Central Coast. Waiting until closer to summer may mean that your ducted system can’t be installed before the hot weather hits. Before you go ahead with having a ducted air conditioner installed, it’s a good idea to know exactly what ducted air conditioning can offer you.

Here’s what you need to know about installing ducted air conditioning in your Central Coast home.

What You Need to Know about Central Coast Ducted Air Conditioning

Choose a system that heats and cools

Forget about installing a ducted air conditioner and then pulling out your heater during winter. By installing a ducted air conditioning system with a reverse cycle function, you can use the one system all year round. This can help you save on the energy costs of running multiple heaters throughout the house on those cool nights.

Filtering and Dehumidifying the Air

Did you know that a ducted air conditioner can not only filter the air, but dehumidify it as well? The air filter on a ducted system can help filter out dust and other particles that make their way into your home. These systems can also help regulate the humidity in your home on hot days. Essentially the system removes moisture from the air, making it more comfortable for everyone.


One of the big benefits to installing ducted air conditioning on the Central Coast is that you can install a zoned system. The zoned system allows you to cool or heat only the rooms you need, which makes the system more energy efficient. What better way to have full climate control than to have each room sitting at a comfortable temperature for the each individual family member.

Updating Electrical Switchboards

If you live in an older home, your electrical switchboard and mains will need to be inspected to see if they can handle the installation of a ducted air conditioning system. If the system can’t handle the install, you will need to consider whether the cost to update the electrics is within your budget. Your installer will be able to inspect the switchboard and mains, and give you a cost to upgrade if needed.

If you’re considering ducted air conditioning on the Central Coast, speak to the professional and experienced team at Coldstream Services. We can help you find the right ducted system for your budget, and run you through all the steps needed to get the most out of your ducted system.

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