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Central Coast Air Conditioning Facts

Air Conditioning

Many of us today don’t know how we would live without air conditioning. It is a luxurious comfort that we have become accustomed to, keeping us at the perfect temperature throughout the year, so we don’t have to experience extreme heat or extreme cold from within our homes, office or shopping centres. On the Central Coast, where the beautiful weather is a year-long delight, air conditioning is especially useful and needed. But here are some interesting facts you may not have known about air conditioners.

  1. The first air conditioner wasn’t designed for comfort. In fact, it was created by Willis Carrier in order to control the amount of humidity in a publishing house, to help the ink dry without any smudges.
  2. When it comes to public places and air conditioning, one of the first venues to receive it was in fact movie theatres. Nothing like being at the perfect temperature to enjoy that latest blockbuster.
  3. One of the reasons schools started allowing long Summer vacations was because pre air conditioning, it was too hot for kids to sit in classrooms and learn!
  4. If you suffer from allergies, you will appreciate air conditioning even more. By filtering clean air into your home, office, or local shopping centre, it helps relieve any symptoms you may experience.

If you are looking at having air conditioning installed in your home or office on the Central Coast, then give the experts at Cold Stream Services a call today. They will fit your home with the latest technology so you can stay the perfect temperature all year long.

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