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Central Coast Air Conditioning Cleaning at Home

Cleaning your air conditioner regularly may sound like a tedious and time-consuming task; but if you want a system that runs efficiently, a regular clean is important. If you’re looking for a Central Coast air conditioning cleaning service, we’ve put together some great tips on why you need to call Cold Stream Services.

Why You Need to Keep your Central Coast Air Conditioning Clean

Improve the efficiency 

Running a dirty air conditioner can affect the efficiency at which the system runs. A build-up of dust and debris can clog the filters which makes the unit work harder to ensure a normal air flow. A dust-covered evaporator coil can impede the ability to absorb heat, further reducing the ability to cool the home.

Better electricity bills

We all know that running the air conditioner regularly can increase your bills, and sometimes by quite a lot. An air conditioner that is dirty and not maintained regularly can consume more power and therefore raising your electricity bill. It is thought that an air conditioner that is not cleaned or maintained on a regular basis can end up adding five to ten percent to your electricity bill. Now isn’t that alone worth the cost of a regular Central Coast air conditioning cleaning service?

Maintain to avoid replacement

Without regular maintenance and cleaning, an air conditioner is more likely to breakdown a lot quicker than it should.  During the cleaning service, your technician may detect potential issues that could cause your unit to fail in the future. This early detection allows you to repair the system rather than a costly replacement; those replacements usually happen when you need the air conditioner the most.

Better air quality

Often people don’t realise that a clean air conditioner means clean and healthy air circulating through your home. A unit that is dirty can push through mould spores, bacteria and germs effectively making your family ill. If anyone in your family gets respiratory illnesses or has asthma, a clean air conditioner is essential.


If it’s been a while since your Central Coast air conditioning has been serviced or clean, contact the team at Cold Stream Services and make sure your air conditioner is producing clean and healthy air.


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