Central Coast Air Conditioner Cleaning Services

Living on the Central Coast, there is a good chance your air conditioner got a work out over summer. With the weather moving into autumn, now is the time to consider air conditioner cleaning to ensure your family stay healthy.

You probably already spend some time ensuring the air con filters are dust free and that no mould is growing on the surface of the system, but having your air conditioner professionally cleaned and serviced at least once a year is important. Air conditioners are the perfect environment for the growth of fungi, mould and bacteria, and every time you switch your air con on, these contaminants become airborne.

So why isn’t simply cleaning the filters and giving the system a wipe down enough?

The main issues with air conditioner cleaning on the Central Coast is the problems that lay outside your reach – the indoor coil, fan, drain pan and line are all moist enough for mould and bacteria to live. An air conditioning specialist has the knowledge and the equipment needed to reach these areas and ensure they are cleaned properly.

Benefits of Cleaning Your Central Coast Air Conditioner

Other than ensuring your air conditioner is free of mould and bacteria, there are some other good benefits to a regular air con clean, including:

  • Air conditioner will operate more efficiently
  • Save money on power usage
  • Lifespan of system will be increased
  • Minimise corrosion and rust on the coils and fasteners

How Often Should I have my Air Conditioner Cleaned?

This is a question we regularly get asked. It is recommended that you have your Central Coast air conditioner cleaning done at least once every 12 months, however if you have high usage, every 6 months is better. Many people will have their air conditioner cleaned in autumn and spring.

Coldstream Services provides Central Coast air conditioner cleaning to residental, commercial and industrial air conditioner systems. To book your system in for a clean, contact us today.

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