Central Coast Refrigeration Services for Cafes

When it comes to food service, the last thing you need is for your fridge to go on the blink during a busy service period. If you’re fridge isn’t working the way it should, Cold Stream Services can help with all your Central Coast refrigeration services needs.

How Often Should I Service my Commercial Fridge?

To keep on top of any issues that may stop your business, you should schedule a visit from Cold Stream Services every 3 – 6 months for your Central Coast refrigeration services and maintenance. This will ensure we pick up any issue that may occur including break downs and maintenance issues. Regular servicing gives extra life to your refrigeration unit.

Commercial fridges are an expensive outlay for any sized business. With a poorly maintained fridge you could make someone ill or push up your power bills.¬†You don’t want your fridge to break down on you in the middle of a busy service.

How to Maintain my Fridge Between Visits

There are plenty of ways you can maintain your cafe fridges in between visits.

  1. Keep your condenser clean. Keeping the condenser free of dust means the compressor doesn’t need to work as hard. In turn, this minimises the risk of burn out.
  2. Cover foods. Covering open food items will help ensure you fridge stays cleaner, and will also stop any odors from strongly smelling foods going throughout your fridge.
  3. Ensure drains are clear. In your fridge, you will find a drain that helps divert any condensed water away from sitting inside your fridge.
  4. Check seals. Checking the seals around the doors is important. A broken or torn seal can mean cool air is escaping, pushing up your electricity bills.

If you have a cafe, call Cold Stream Services, the top Central Coast refrigeration services experts, to service and maintain your fridges.


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