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Benefits of Air Conditioning in Newcastle in Summer

Australian Summer

An Aussie summer can get very hot, and Newcastle is no exception. With temperatures sitting around and above 30 degree Celsius for the majority of the season, it can be hard to find ways to cool down. Pools, beaches and fans all provide the perfect dose of temporary respite, but when it comes down to it, nothing can beat the benefits of air conditioning in Newcastle.


  1. You can keep doors and windows closed: believe it or not this has many added benefits. It means you don’t run the risk of having bugs make their way into your home, and it also provides added security to your place.
  2. Keep a cooler temperature: this one is obvious, but the same job can’t be done with a fan. Fans simply circulate the air and won’t actually help to reduce the temperature in your home. You can reduce both the temperature and the humidity with air conditioning and maintain your comfort level.
  3. Help allergy suffers: the air in a room is recirculated through the filters and in the process, it can trap any allergens. This keeps your home nice and dust free for allergy sufferers.
  4. Noise: in general, air conditioning is a lot quieter than fans and can operate in the background without disturbing you.

Beat The Heat

Beat the heat this Summer and live the hot days out in comfort. Call Cold Stream Services today to take advantage of our expert knowledge and great service. We will ensure that you have the best air conditioning in Newcastle to help you beat the Summer heat.

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