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The Ocean and Air Conditioning on the Central Coast

If you go to bed listening to the waves crash, you’re living the dream of many Australians. But can the ocean damage your air conditioning on the Central Coast? With many homes being within easy reach of the ocean, homeowners do need to be on the ball when it comes to the ocean and air conditioning on the Central Coast.

Salt air, by its very nature, contains salt that can damage parts of your air conditioner. It can also affect how your air conditioner runs day to day, and will likely mean your air con needs more regular maintenance and cleaning. Salt can be corrosive and if it builds up on the internal parts in your outside unit, you may notice part degrading over time as well as the performance of the system getting worse.

How does the salt air affect the performance of your air conditioning on the Central Coast? If you have a split system or reverse cycle system, the condenser coil sits in the outside unit. These coils are usually bound with copper, and if salt air gets between the copper and the aluminum that the coils are made from, we start to see systems that can’t keep up with the demand required by households.

Air conditioning systems generally tend to last around 10 years, but often we see systems breaking down after four to five years due to rust and corrosion from the salt air.

How to protect your air conditioning on the Central Coast from the salt air

Regular cleaning and maintenance is about the only way you can prevent corrosion, rust and damage from salt air. If you live close to the ocean on the Central Coast (within 5-8km from the ocean), we recommend a full service at least once a year and a professional clean at least every season change.

At Cold Stream Services, we offer a range of regular maintenance and cleaning services for both residential and commercial air conditioning units. We can help keep your air conditioner free from much of the salt air, providing you with a system that works better for longer. Call us today for a quote or to book your maintenance and clean.

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