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Advantages of Split System Air Conditioner in Newcastle

Split Air Conditioner On A WallAir Conditioning

It is amazing to think that a matter of decades ago, people barely knew what air conditioning was, let alone having one installed in their own home. Today, while it is still a luxury in some homes around Australia, it is almost expected in office buildings and is the perfect way to keep the place at a constant temperature that is comfortable for working in all day long.


As the years have gone on, many advances have occurred in the industry and you now have plenty of choice about the type of air conditioning you want installed in your home and/or office. Here are the advantages of a split system air conditioner in Newcastle.

Split System

Versatility: split system air conditioners are powered by an external compressor that sits outdoors. This means gone are the days of having to knock a hole in the wall to accommodate for the air conditioner and situating it right next to a window. All they need is a small hole for tubing and you are set to go.
Looks: for this reason, the split system is a much more attractive look. You can place them somewhere unobtrusive and out of the line of sight.
Noise: split systems are often a lot quieter than their counterparts, as the air blowing unit is the only part of the system that is located indoors.

If you are looking at upgrading and getting a split system air conditioner in your home, call the experts at Cold Stream Services today. One of their friendly team members will sort you out in no time.

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