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Why you’ll never regret ducted air conditioning in Newcastle

ducted air conditioning newcastle

Ducted air conditioning Newcastle – why?

Let’s be honest – ducted air conditioning in Newcastle is an investment. You may want to weigh up the pros and cons of having ducted air installed in your home. But in our experience, once our customers go for ducted, they never go back! Here’s why you’ll never regret it either.

Get the Look

One of the main benefits of having ducted air conditioning in Newcastle is the aesthetic benefits. There is no large air conditioning unit sitting on the wall, or on the floor. It is all nicely concealed in the ceiling. All you will see is a small vent in the ceiling. It’s the best choice if you don’t want the look of an air conditioner interfering with the design of your home.

In the Zone

Another great thing about ducted air conditioning is the control you will have. If you don’t want to cool or heat certain areas, just turn it off in those rooms. Likewise, if you want to cool the whole house at the same time, you can.


Some people find air conditioners to be a bit noisy. This can mean they don’t like to have them on at night. The great thing about ducted air is that it is very quiet. Its noise levels are so low that many people are happy to have them running while they sleep.
These are just a few of the benefits of ducted air conditioning. Cold Stream Services can give you loads more tips like these ones.

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