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Newcastle ducted air conditioning

Advantages of ducted air conditioning on the Central Coast

ducted air conditioning central coastThese days, our houses are getting bigger and bigger, so for many of us, a single air conditioning unit just won’t cut it. So ducted air conditioning Central Coast and anywhere in Australia is the perfect solution. From one central unit, air is pumped through a series of ducts throughout the rooms of your home. Here are five advantages of ducted.

Savvy investment

Some people tend to be put off by the initial cost of installing ducted air conditioning. Yes, the outlay is higher than a single split system. However, to cool your whole home, you’d have to install several split systems. Overall, ducted air might be better value than you realise.

Cools your whole home

There is nothing worse than being nice and cool in your living room where the air conditioning unit is, only to have to sweat through the night in your stuffy bedroom. With ducted, you can choose which rooms you’d like to cool at any one time, so you won’t experience uncomfortable changes in temperature.

Suits your needs

The flexibility of a ducted system is what makes many families into ducted air converts. You can use the timer to effectively cool your whole home before you step in the door. If some family members don’t want the air conditioning on in their room, simply close the vents.

It looks great

Even slimline air conditioning units are visible in your home, and may impact on the look and feel of your home. With ducted air, all you will see is a discreet vent in the wall or ceiling.

Value add

If you’re thinking about selling up, ducted air is a feature that really adds value to your home. Prospective buyers consider ducted as a luxury and point of difference in the market. Get in touch with the team at Cold Stream Services to find out even more benefits of ducted air.

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