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4 Air Conditioning Services in Newcastle

There’s no doubt that this summer has been hot, and if you’ve been at home during the holidays you may have noticed that your air conditioning system just isn’t doing its job anymore. Or perhaps you’ve realised that it’s time to install air conditioning in your home. Coldstream Services offers air conditioning services across Newcastle.  

Air Conditioning Installations 

If you’ve realised it is time to install a new air conditioner in your home, or you need to replace a broken one, Coldstream Services can install a range of air conditioners in your home – both ducted and split systems.  

Installing a new air conditioning system is relatively easy. If you already had a system in that you were happy with, we can replace with the same size and in the same location. For those who are looking at a brand new install, we will assess your home and your lifestyle needs and discuss the best location for your air con. This will include discussing the best size and the style of air conditioner that suits the needs of you and your family.  

Air Conditioning Re-gassing 

Often issues with air conditioner are simply due to the system running out of gas. If you are a heavy air con user, you may find that you need to re-gas your system more regularly. While some air conditioners will last a number of years before needing to be re-gassed, others will need to be done every 5 years or so to ensure they are running correctly (a good quality air conditioner should last at least 10 – 15 years).  

Air Conditioning Repairs 

From time to time you will require repairs to your air conditioner. This could be as simple as a leak due to your air con being slightly knocked to issues surrounding the compressor, fan problems and refrigerant leaks. These are all common repairs and are generally straight forward fixes.  

Air Conditioning Servicing and Maintenance  

To avoid the repairs mentioned above as much as possible, regular servicing and maintenance is essential. Generally this covers a clean of your air con system and a check that everything is running correctly. Servicing includes cleaning the condenser and evaporator coils, ensuring there is enough refrigerant, checking electrical connections, flushing the drains, checking the ductwork and making any suggestions to get you a longer life from your air con.  

If you need air conditioning services in Newcastle this summer, call Coldstream Services.  

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